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Watlington in Bloom

Weaving Wonder into Watlington

Terry Jackson

We have projects in mind that would benefit from your generosity like a community Orchard using local heritage varieties of fruits.

Watlington White Bikes

Raised: £0.00

Started: March 13, 2013 

We shall be taking a survey to ascertain how popular or unpopular this idea is. It would involve having all weather bicycles in bike racks in the town and at Lewnor Turn Bus stop. Locals would be able to join the scheme at a small basic annual cost to cover maintenance and there will be a premium rate for hiring for a day or a weekend which will be ideal for visitors to the town.

Top Donors

No donations have been received for this campaign.


Raised: £600.00

Started: May 1, 2012 

We would like local businesses and organisations to sponsor a planter for the town. St Leonard's Church have donated £100 which went towards the purchase of the planter now outside the Library.

Top Donors

  1. Rowse Hone & H&H - £500.00

Community Jubilee Orchard

Raised: £30.00

Started: March 5, 2012 

We need to confirm a site for this but are very hopeful and have the support of OCCA and FOWH so far.

Top Donors

  1. Rainbow Corner Nursery - £30.00